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kiki murphy resume


B.A. from NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study, 2020


Freelance 3D Artist



+ Collaborate with musicians to dream up visuals that bring depth and story-telling to their projects

+ Sculpt, stage and animate scenes in Blender 3D for use as cover art, music videos and brand visuals 

+ Years of experience in video editing software like Adobe After Effects, bringing rendered scenes to life with color editing, video sequencing and more

+ Help bring clients visions to life by freeing ideas from the bardo of their brains and moving them to the (slightly) less liminal realm of your mobile devices.

Stylist/Studio Assistant


+ Requested, managed and returned inventory for editorial pulls, props and other deliveries

+ Led front of house management and meetings with clients 

+ Right-hand they/them to stylist during shoots for high-distribution labels like SCMP, Nylon Germany and Vogue Italia

+ Collaborated with stylist to brainstorm visual inspiration for looks and stories 

+ Displayed strong enough visual taste to be trusted styling individual looks without stylist’s supervision 

Social Media Manager


+ Helped brands like Ruby and Quinn develop visual strategies to reach their target audiences

+ Oversaw creative direction and communicated with design teams to maintain a consistent brand voice across all channels

+ Sought out and maintained relationships with creators and influencers in order to bring product to new audiences

+ Became confident seeing a project through all the way from ideation to creation and execution


On-set Prod. Assistant


+ Skilled multi-tasker with experience on various types of sets including but not limited to: film sets, music videos, NYFW runways, photoshoots, etc.

+ Natural and fine-tuned ability to intuit the needs of others on set, plus a level of ease and comfort in production settings that can only come from years of being on set in various adjacent creative fields and scenarios.

+ General handiness and problem-solving skills from having taught myself a language as well as multiple different softwares, crafting and fabrication methods over the years
+ Sense of child-like wonder when collaborating with others-- frequently nicknamed 'sunshine' while assisting in set and production environments

Makeup/SFX Artist


+ Board-certified makeup artist with experience working on editorial and commercial projects

+ Confident in many special effects techniques like prosthetic making/application, airbrush painting, mold-making, small scale sculpting and more

+ Learned to love the process of getting my hands dirty and having a tangible end product to show for it 


Multi Media Artist 

(always & forever)

+ Life-long fascination with meaning-making from both collective and individual perspectives

+ Willingness to get lost in nearly any sort of creative alchemical endeavor; my metaphorical laboratory is always grateful for new ingredients; in the past, I've taught myself photography, poetry, digital painting, mid-journey/stable diffusion, illustration, collaging, and most recently, basic html and python.

Instagram | Pinterest | Tik Tok | Portfolio

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